Steam Pipes Oven

- The Steam Pipes Oven is a static oven with three, four or five baking chambers with a heating unit positioned in the lower part with gas, diesel, wood and pellet operation.
- The pipes oven, thanks to its ease operation, is ideal in any bakery, pastry, pizzeria, biscuit shop.
- It is equipped with a steamer for each deck placed on fumes circuit.
- In the pipes oven the heat produced is transmitted to the product being baked by means of a heating system guaranteed by Mannesmann type pipes, resistant to high pressures, with a double ceiling and bed plate delivery with a diameter of 27mm and a thickness of 4mm.
- The furnace is made of cement and refractory material, assembled on site in order to guarantee the furnace a great thermal inertia, optimizing the exploitation of the combustion and allowing considerable energy savings.
- The baking chamber and the external coating of the oven are made entirely of stainless steel type AISI304; the floor of the baking chamber is made of refractory material allowing a considerable thermal accumulation and a uniform heat distribution.
- The oven doors are in tempered glass, perfectly balanced, with downward opening and easily removable to facilitate cleaning operations.
- The international electrical control unit is designed for maximum ease of use and control.
- In the pipes static oven it is possible to customize the size of the baking chambers during the purchase according to your needs.

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