Modular Deck Oven

- The Modular Oven is an oven with one, two, three, four independent and computerized chambers, the result of research that has combined modern technologies with the experience gained in the bakery sector.
- The modular oven, thanks to its ease of operation, is ideal in any bakery, pastry and pizzeria laboratory.
- The advantage of this oven lies in the possibility of using the baking chambers independently of one another with different temperatures, thus being able to diversify production in this way.
- The maximum operating temperature is 350°C.
- In this type of oven the baking chambers are heated by independent electric heaters between ceiling and bed plate and are assembled with perfect precision and with highly insulating materials.
- The baking chambers and the external coating of the oven are made entirely of AISI304 stainless steel; the oven floor is made of fiberglass refractory.
- The newly designed humidifier is designed to guarantee an abundant supply of steam at each point of the baking chamber.
- The positioning of the heating elements in the oven is designed to guarantee uniform baking of the product.
- The international electrical control unit is designed for maximum ease of use and control.
- A digital control panel with a microprocessor equipped with an economizer and a programmed switch-on is mounted in the oven.
- The standard room has a useful height of 18cm and a total height of 32cm.
- On request it is possible to realize the oven with customized baking chambers in the sizes.
- The modular oven can be supplied individually or combined with the proofer with heating and humidification unit or with a support or trays holder.

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